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If you're unsure of how to plan for a business, manage assets or investments, our certified experts have the experience, dedication, and knowledge to grow with each client by providing proven strategies on how to save, invest and plan for a soundproof and compliant future.

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Licensed to service all US States

Lead Certified Financial Planner 

 Donte Lloyd


With his combination of dedication and experience over the past 8 years, Donte manages millions in assets and investments for his clients, while saving them thousands in taxes per year all while ensuring a lifetime of wealth to every family he serves. 

As the treasurer of the Black Alumni Organization within his Alma Mater, he is committed to his community and clientele providing high morals, relatability and integrity. 


Offering 50+ holistic services personally and professionally, he qualifies and guides each client to provide realistic projections based from each unique situation. He guarantees a return on investment by specific strategy, that meet compliance standards, leaving no industry behind. 


Planning Fee: $1,500

Investment Estimate: $100

Introduction Consultation: FREE