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Personal Planning, Business Planning, Wealth Management, Tax Savings, Debt Reconciliation, Asset Protection, Charitable Giving, Life Insurance, Student Loan Debt Relief, Disability Income Protection, Stock/Bond Investments, Retirement Planning, Critical Illness Insurance and Long Term Care. 

Donte Lloyd CFP is our lead  Certified Financial Planner. He has been in the financial industry for 8 years assisting Physicians, High Net Worth clients and peers from his home town. 

His combination of experience over the years has allowed him to access a wide variety of holistic services to meet any client’s needs while helping them attain their financial goals with legacy planning, personal/ estate planning and investment planning. 

His professionalism is unmatched as he designs unique solutions and plans for each client, while growing “with” them in their future. 

As the treasurer of the Black Alumni Organization within his Alma Mater, he serves his community and clientele with high integrity.