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Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Making This Year Count

January isn’t just for resolutions, its also the BEST time to start anything new personally and professionally!

Start off the month by optimizing your goals, renewing promises to yourself and building your business the RIGHT way!

Ditch time wasting, being unorganized, scrolling on social apps by dreaming of a “better life” and MAKE YOUR YEAR BETTER by prioritizing yourself with these goals: Stop doing things yourself this year and hire an expert to save you the headache. Switch to an educated tax and accounting professional who knows state specific laws and proper bookkeeping, to develop an organized system that will help keep you compliant by avoiding future penalties. Find eligible tax credits and categorize your expenses however they make sense to you with the help of our tax team and CPAs.

If you own a business, you need documented income for everything. Adopting an accredited payroll provider to pay yourself and employees is essential to any business owner. The easiest time to sign up is January (since you don’t have to provide previous income and can start a new account simply).

Sending your employees yearly reviews and W2 returns by 1/31 is essential as a business owner. Make your staff feel valued, wanted and rewarded by being proactive, on time and essential. Analyze their growth vs salary, do they deserve a raise? Discuss their plan for the year and ask if they have insurance needs or retirement plans in place (if you can’t help them, our insurance and retirement team will)

Protect your assets effectively! If you made more money than last year, added a new asset or stream of income, review your life insurance coverage and retirement plans with an experienced expert to ensure maximum advantages and new protection plans. Every new child, asset or income stream will always result in an increase in coverage and higher contributions (grow your savings and plan ahead for your future.)

Save big this year, by creating a personal savings and business tax savings plan to keep you organized and proactive for a seamless tax year. Budgeting and managing your income verses debt is the key to financial freedom and capital gains. Connect with an expert who can create a structured plan for you, to keep you accountable.

Ensure you’re handling your deposits, withdrawals and invoices with professional financial planning or a compliant merchant for your business. Check bank fees and shop for the best one to fit your needs. DON’T accept third party payments as a business owner, as the terms have changes and taxes are required for certain wire transfers.

Credit is key, so consolidate your debt and aim to stay under 50% utilization. Get credit building advice as a person or business professional. (The wealthy get richer by great money management and utilizing bank money to make purchases instead of their own)

Always stay ahead of the technology game by focusing on marketing. Whether you have a personal or professional brand- rebranding to stay competitive with the market can attract more opportunity. Seek an expert for unbiased opinions and growth since social media and the web is constantly changing its appearance, integrations, algorithms and strategic content.

Do market research on past and current trends, successful patterns and new options. Connect with an expert who can lead you to new waves and opportunities with things like NFTs, Crypto, Bitcoin and the Stock Market (which is not easy to understand alone)

Now is the time to count your income sources and add a few more, that you know will be lucrative to your future. Take out a loan from your savings or a bank to invest into a new business, side hustle or lucrative hobby that you wouldn’t mind doing for extra money (this small change can fund your extra desires for the year, like the $10 coffee you feel guilty buying)

The best investment you can make, is in YOURSELF.

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